New Seacocks

Two new stainless seacocks above the waterline (no electrolysis with the bronze below the waterline) and one new bronze seacock and thru-hull. Our bilge pumps now pump out above the waterline, the way they should have been set up all along. There will be a manual pump plumbed into the bronze thru-hull and we can decide whether we want the valve open or shut as we like.

Six days until we get her on the truck!

Hauling Out!!!

Here is the boat being hauled for the first time since we launched two and a half years ago. No blisters. No barnacles! Wow! Ash and I couldn’t be any happier about this. The boat looks close to new on the bottom. There is substantially less work than we thought we might have. 10 more days!!

There is a video of the boat coming out of the water here:

On the lift