Our Spot Tracker Page

Our SPOT Tracker Works intermittently, so this info may not always be up to date.



2 thoughts on “Our Spot Tracker Page

  1. Hi Elan and Ashley, great to read about your adventure sounds great can’t wait to hear about the long passages. Thanks Would love to talk your mom into visiting you somewhere along the way. love junie

  2. Hi Ash and Elan, It is a rainy Sunday morning here at diamond point so we are catching up on your neat blog. We love seeing all the pictures – and nice job catching those big fish! I was at gramas for a late Mother’s day and we enjoyed all the pages. In fact, Carl printed them off so grama can read them over and over. We flew up to Friday Harbor Sat. Then walked into town for lunch and loved walking the dock looking at all the cool boats. Greg and Heather came out last week and we took our little salt h20 boat to the Hood Canal and caught our first batch of spot shrimp – yummy! Have you enjoyed a variety seafood? You two are looking very happy and healthy and we are sooo excited for your neat adventure. Still would love to meet you somewhere along your journey. We keep you in our prayers as you sail God’s beautiful ocean and all the creation along the way. Lots of love from Aunt San and Uncle John

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