New cockpit hatch covers!

Our new plastic lazarette hatch covers are completed. I still need to prime, paint and install them, but they are close to ready to go. I saw some expensive, but nice looking latch hardware at West Marine the other day that will allow us to lock the hatches down as well. It won’t keep out a determined vandal, but it will keep them shut when we want them shut and deter petty theft (something we have yet to have a problem with ).

Best of all the seats are not wood and won’t require the maintenance that the teak ones did. When you see Silver Lining from the dock she looks so much different from so many other Seafarer 38s out there. We have stripped off just about all of the wood except the toe rail, anchor roller, a few handrails, and the cockpit seats. Now the seats are going. A few people have┬ácommented┬áthat the boat looks colder now. It does. It also is a lot more fun to maintain stainless steel than wood in my view. If I have my way, eventually there will be no wood to maintain on the exterior of the boat. The only big job between me and that goal is the toe rail. I will figure it out someday on a beach when I find a good source of plastic or aluminum for it. In the meantime it stays wood, but at least the seats will soon be devoid of maintenance requirements!

Date for pickup!!!

We now have a pickup date for the boat. It will be loaded onto a truck in Bellingham on February 6th and will arrive in San Diego on February 9th!

That means that we are a little later than our original plan, but seeing as there is no timeline here, really it’s okay. It will give us a few more days at home with our families and make the work getting the boat ready that much easier.

Our final list includes getting the new batteries, solar panels, and installing two new thruhulls for the sink drains. Aside from that anything else can happen along the way. The lazarette seats should be complete by next week (we had them made out of plastic sheeting).

Well. Onward!!! We will be off soon,