Thank You!

We owe a gigantic thank you to SO many people who helped make our adventure possible, but first we have to acknowledge our amazing families who have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and helpful throughout this process. Pretty amazing, considering the fact that we are abandoning them (either that, or this is just the perfect excuse to get rid of us for a while). We love you, we’d be nowhere with out you!

Our friends– now you don’t have to listen to us make excuses about not being about to hang out because we are working on the boat anymore. 🙂 Come visit, let’s hang out in a beautiful tropical place instead.

And all of these extremely helpful folks for the good advice, encouragement, and good deals:

Hal and Dal for your expert advice and for reminding us multiple times that the only way to get offshore experience is to go offshore;

Jason Knott for giving us all the advice we ignored the first time (can’t tell you how many times we said to ourselves, ‘Jason told us so!’ after we did it wrong and had to re-do it). Next time we’ll listen Buddy!;

McNett for the gift of pure drinking water;

Jane Carten and Saturna Capital for reminding me that entrepreneurs ‘do things’… so we are;

Walker Bay for quickly shipping new dinghy tubes to us in Acapulco when we were in a pinch;

Redden Marine;

Russ, from West Marine Bellingham;


And many others who deserve to be on this list- THANK YOU!!!

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