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Age: 32
Titles: Captain, Chef, Communications Officer, Mechanic, Weather Warden, News Junkie, and Mess Maker.
Education: WWU Grad, w/ BA in Political Science and a minor in Communication.
Interests: Sailing, technology, world news, motorcycles, engineering, travel, politics, reading, entrepreneurship.
Prior Sailing Experience: Lake Whatcom Dinghies, and Bellingham Bay Etchells Race Fleet.
Post-Cruise Update: Currently working in fiber optics in Bellingham WA.


Age: 31
Titles: Master of Boat Organization, Boat’s Seamstress, Sanitation Officer, Spanish Translator, Too-Small Space Inspector, Tool Hander, and Human Fender.
Education: WWU Grad, with BAs in Communication and Spanish
Interests: Travel, sewing, crafting, reading, motorcycles, culture, snorkeling.
Prior Sailing Experience: Before Silver Lining, sailing outings could have been counted on one hand.
Post-cruise Update: Currently doing IT Admin at an accounting firm in Bellingham WA.



Age: 7
Titles: Salty Dog, Man’s Best Friend, Dish Pre-Washer, Dolphin Patrol, Chief Security Detail, Entertainer, Pirate Taste-Tester, King of Comfort & Bug Killing Specialist.
Education: Puppy Obedience School dropout, but a Professional Trickster and a very good speller (just try spelling w.a.l.k or t.r.e.a.t. without catching his attention!)
Interests: Treats (duh!), the “dot”, tug, treats, walks, treats, dinghy rides, napping, and begging for treats!


Ash and I are both from small towns in landlocked Eastern Washington. In 2005, just before we met in college, and right before I graduated, I made plans to crew on a sailboat leaving from Louisiana and heading to the Caribbean. I left for my sailing adventure, but quickly realized that that particular situation wasn’t going to be what I dreamt of- but more importantly, I missed Ashley, who still had a few months of school left to go. So, I moved back to Bellingham to find what work I could as a fresh college grad. What had started out as just a search for quick work ended up being the start to a great career. Six and a half years later we were still working away, but both still had that smoldering desire to sail, to travel, to find life’s adventures.

Dont get me wrong, we loved our life in Bellingham; we had careers, great friends, family nearby, fast motorcycles, and one of natures most beautiful playgrounds at our fingertips.

We bought Silver Lining in 2005, as an excuse to explore the San Juan Islands, and started what ended up being a massive refit (see Boat Restoration). In 2011, we decided that she was ready for something bigger and so were we. There were no good excuses left not to take the trip of a lifetime. We love the boat and having resurrected her from certain death we know her well. All of her systems are like new and I like toys, so there were very few things needed to make her ready for real cruising life.

So with a bit of courage we both resigned our jobs, sold our worldly belongings and started the movement towards the trip. The decision came easily when we decided it was this year or never. So, we are off!

We got hitched in Sept of 2010, on the ocean of course!


Chicheme Caye, San Blas, Panama

Isla San Francisco, Sea of Cortes, Mexico

12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Congratulations!! You are doing what I’ve always dreamed about and I couldn’t be happier for you. I hope you will remain a part of the Seafarer Yacht group on FB and keep us posted on your adventure. I’ll surely check back on sailingsilverlining.com to see what you’re up to.

    • Thanks. I’ll still remain part of the Seafarer group. There aren’t enough sailors with the big boats out there to answer questions if I leave!!

    • Hey Sam!!! We take off from San Diego on the 9th of February or a few days later. Aside from getting the boat down the coast to Mexico and maybe doing the Panama Canal, we don’t have a set itinerary. I think things should solidify a bit on we are on our way, but right now plans are loose. You and Jen should hop a flight down to Mexico or the Carribean and join us for a week or two somewhere warm once we know where we will be. Our big plan right now is to not have plans :)Hope you guys had a great holiday,


  2. Elan, your journey will be wonderful, if the trail takes the direction towards the Caribbean then give a call… my cell is —— and Ana’s cell is ———. Tentatively we will be out of the D.R in June and December but for the remainder of the year we will be here.

    Happy Holiday Cheers… travel wide,


  3. Ash and Elan – We’re excited for you. We’ll be keeping track via your website and emails. A lifetime of adventures ahead for you in the next year or two.
    Uncle John and Aunt Sandi

  4. Caribou has been following you on your blog. I am so happy for you guys!!! What an adventure you are on. I have a lot of reading to catch up on your blog. I look forward to reading about your amazing journey. I loved seeing Reed down there with you. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am holding safety, adventure, and FUN around you both and the doggie too. Love you Elan and Ashley! Bon Voyage! xo Glory

    • Hey!!! It’s great to hear from you. Tell Caribou to come visit us along the way. I haven’t seen him in years. We are having a good start to our adventure now. It’s finally warm and the water is blue.

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