The Tiniest of Weather Windows

We have been waiting for weeks for safe weather to leave Panama and make the 3 day passage north to the Colombian island of Providencia. If all goes well, we’ll be in Porvenir, San Blas, tonight and checking out of the country tomorrow. It looks like a good forecast is coming our way on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Mostly 15 knot winds, and 5-7 foot waves at 9 seconds. Wind and waves will be mostly on our nose, but it’s the best we’ve seen in ages, so we hope it holds out.

So this morning we will cast off our lines and get back to cruising like real sailors- passage making, weather watching, and swinging free on the anchor. We can’t wait!

There is a good chance we wont have internet again for a while, so hang tight and keep your fingers crossed for our safe passage north!

Much love, Ashley, Elan and Apollo 

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