Through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean!!

Hello everyone!

Panama Canal

We safely made it through the Panama Canal and 90 miles northeast to the beautiful San Blas Islands. The canal transit was a big milestone for us, and will be a memory we recall for years to come. Had I really understood how remote the San Blas Islands were, I would have been sure to update the blog before leaving the luxury of wifi behind, but this mini email update will have to do for now. We have taken a million photos but we’ll have to upload them with the full story the next time we have a real internet connection.

The San Blas / Kuna Yala Islands

These 360+ islands are tiny sand and palm covered islands with crystal clear water and lots of reefs to keep navigation interesting. The Kuna Yala Indians row out to us in their traditional duggout canoes to sell us lobster, conch, fruit, beaded jewelry, and embroidered handicrafts, which is great because there isn’t a grocery store for 50+ miles in any direction. We are definitely putting a dent in our dried and canned food selection and have had to rig up a rain catcher to supply ourselves with drinking water. What we wouldn’t give for a block of cheese and some fresh veggies!!

Homeward Bound

We are planning a trip home to Washington for a string of weddings in August and September. Although we love our cruising life, we are SO excited to take a break to see our much-missed families and catch up with friends.

Take care and please keep in touch (our cellular email connection sporadically works out here) Ashley & Elan

2 thoughts on “Through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean!!

  1. I was starting to wonder where you guys were. I realized on Saturday that you hadn’t updated in a while. Glad everything is going good. We love and miss you guys!! Hopefully we get yo see you when you’re home.

  2. GREAT that you will have a break and get back to the USA for some more home-bound FUN. It is Caribean Hurricane season so hope you have a protected (??) safe haven for your home away from home. Lots of Love,

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