New Engine is on the way!!

We have located, paid for, and should soon take delivery of a rebuilt Perkins 4.108. It’s tough to shop for this type of item this far south. The delivery address is as follows:

Marina Turistica de Chiapas
Camino Playa Linda
Km 8 antes de llegar a la armada.
Puerto Madero

Or in English:

Tourist marina of Chiapas
On the way to Playa Linda 8 kilometers before you arrive at the Navy
Puerto Madero

We are hoping that all addresses work this way. It just adds to the adventure right?

In any case, we will be on the move soon.

Élan and Ash

6 thoughts on “New Engine is on the way!!

  1. Hooray for new motor! Kyle has become an avid reader of your blog. We’ve never had any interest in sailing, but it is very similar to long distance cycling in many ways. I think he is living vicariously through you both!;-)

    • Thanks Martha! I am glad you guys enjoy the blog! Ashley saw yours on our stats page and was checking it out as well!!! It looks like you guys are doing great. We are as well. The delay in getting to Panama is a bit of a bummer, but we really have no control over that and just need to be happy where we are. And fortunately we really are. The marina is a bit slow, but all in all rings are great!

  2. Hi Elan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope the engine arrived and installation is going well (????). Hope you have a great day. We will be thinking of you and hopeing for great progress. Much Love, uncle Dick and Aunt Sue.

    • Thanks uncle Dick and Aunt Sue. Hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s supposed to on Friday (the delivery date went from three days to eleven after we bought). The Bday went well, but I can’t wait to celebrate in Panama as planned (though it will be late). My extra special wife did what she could and came up with both friends and cake in rural Chiapas MX. We will update the blog soon!!!

  3. Ash and Elan – Hope the engine arrives when it’s supposed to and that installation goes well. Just another unplanned adventure that adds to life’s excitement. We were sure that we had sent you a message the other day, but couldn’t find it when we wanted to make sure it had been posted. Turns out we put it on your spot tracker page.
    We love your pix and blogs. You both are looking great! Love, Uncle John and Aunt San

    • Hi guys! We are doing pretty good. The engine was supposed to have shown up yesterday but didn’t. What can you do? We are making the best of it, and (barely) surviving the heat. A nice sea breeze is going to be welcome after a month in a marina. I am getting mixed information on whether or not our engine is nearby or not. Supposedly it is only a few kilometers away, but who knows at this point. Ash and I are ready to be on our way, but are making the best of the delay. We will update you guys soon!


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