5 thoughts on “Last night at the dock in Bellingham

    • Shell, we will be working on the boat getting ready for the trailer. Everything is looking good right now

  1. Great picture!! I’m excited for you. I haven’t seen any close up photos of Silver Lining, but boy she looks good. I’m particularly impressed with the dodger because I’m hoping to add one this year. I really like the frame design because there’s handholds outside and on the backside of the dodger.

    Is it custom built or who is the manufacturer? very interested in making one like it appear on s/v ROMA.

    • James, the dodger is a custom built one from another boat. I modified it to work in our cockpit. The outside handrails are just 1″ stainless tubing with end caps drilled out for the mounting bolts. The aft rail is welded in, but many standard deck grabs could be modified to do the same. The Dodger is a great upgrade. For a pieced together bit, it works well and looks nice. I wouldn’t even consider an aluminum one after having his one.

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