New Seacocks

Two new stainless seacocks above the waterline (no electrolysis with the bronze below the waterline) and one new bronze seacock and thru-hull. Our bilge pumps now pump out above the waterline, the way they should have been set up all along. There will be a manual pump plumbed into the bronze thru-hull and we can decide whether we want the valve open or shut as we like.

Six days until we get her on the truck!

2 thoughts on “New Seacocks

  1. My bilge pump discharges below the waterline and I am always concerned about it siphoning water when I’m underway, so I installed an inline seacock and keep it closed when I’m underway. I plan to do the same thing you’re doing. What kind of manual pump are you going with?

  2. James, the manual pump is a whale gusher. I had a Bosworth guzzler, but I really like the clamp ring seal on the whale. It’s a much quicker rebuild. Probably both pumps are about the same quality. I am excited to get the main electric pump discharge above the waterline. If I were in your position (and I used to be), I would make sure your vented anti siphon loop is in good shape. I had our bilge pump back siphon when my bilge pump motor started to die. All that saved the boat was a knife in the line. I was lucky to be sleeping on the boat that night. A vented loop is a cheap safety, but no substitute for relocating your electric discharges a foot higher. I left the below waterline discharge on the manual pump, but I plan to leave it closed unless I need it. Overall this weekend has been good to the boat/home. Pretty quick she will be all me and Ash have to keep us safe.

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