Ensenada MX

We made it to Ensenada Mexico. We are safely docked at the Hotel Coral Marina. Weather was good. The morning was a bit unstable, but as the day wore on the swells subsided a bit and were fine. The boat is a mess. Anything that could fall out of place did. That aside, Ash and I are both ready for a nice dinner and an early night (with something close to a full nights sleep). We wanted to let you all know that we are safe. I called dad on the sat phone to test it and it worked. Texts to it from email are free (just don’t expect an answer). Hope you all are well,

Elan and Ashley

(the pic uploaded sideways and Ash said I should leave it so you all can see what our morning was like).


16 thoughts on “Ensenada MX

  1. Hey that is great!!! Everything tossed??? That is life at sea! Time to batten the hatches and tie everything down. Hopefully nothing broke. Enjoy! Look forward to the next leg/adventure. Did you see many Whales???

    • We didn’t on the first leg, but as time has passed we have seen several pods of whales (pods is right isn’t it?)

  2. Off to a good start. We are counting on the updates and the photos. I feel like I am on the trip with you two as long as you are able to do the postings.

    • We will post when we can. Internet connections have been scarce, but we are slowly working our way back towards bigger towns. Cabo now and La Paz next week!!

  3. Hi! So glad you are somewhere to relax. I looked at the marina website. It looks like you could stay there for a month for 100.00. I am glad you have the blog and can stay in touch. Love you lots, Mom

    • We will when we can. Right now we are about a mile and a half off the beach in Cabo. I have a long range wifi setup and the connection is good enough for Skype! It is nice to be back in communication. The last few weeks have been isolated for sure. There was one day where I was able to get email on my first gen Kindle. Our friends couldn’t on the new one.

  4. Aunt Sandi was wondering about the whale sightings, too! Anything? We’re headed for Montana to attend the local skijoring event and then an aviation award for Uncle John’s dad in Bozeman on Mar 2. We’ve been thinking about you and praying for safe journey. It was good to see your Ensenada update.

    • We have had some great whale sightings. Ash took an amazing picture of our friends boat with a whale blowing in the background. Really the wildlife is amazing out here. There are big birds fishing, dolphins in the wake of the boat, Ash saw a sea turtle, and we get the occasional whale, seal or sea lion.

  5. I am so glad to hear the satphone is working for you! It always gave me a nice feeling that no matter what happened, no matter where I was, expert advice and help was only a phone call away. Don’t forget, don’t let people call in! It’s WAAYY expensive for THEM (around $20/minute), although free for you 😉

    Let me know when a good time to meet up with you somewhere in Mexico (or south) will be .. do you have any planned longer stopovers in May/June?

    Happy Sailing!



    • We really have no major plans at all. I would like to be south of the hurricane belt before the season hits. After that (Junish), we should be in the panama area until its safe to sail north.

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