Check-in/OK message from SV Silver Lining SPOT

SV Silver Lining Latitude:32.72052 Longitude:-117.22519 GPS location Date/Time:02/15/2012 20:46:03 PST

Message:Take two on the satellite test. Off soon

Click the link below to see where I am located.

If the above link does not work, try this link:,-117.22519&ll=32.72052,-117.22519&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

SV Silver Lining

You have received this message because SV Silver Lining has added you to their SPOT contact list.

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One thought on “Check-in/OK message from SV Silver Lining SPOT

  1. Happy sailing. Looks like tomorrow should be a nice day without rain and will be warmer. Unfortunately Fri, Sat and Sun look like they will be cooler again but the further south you go the better for warmer temps. Both location sites worked well for us and we will anxiously be following your travels. Much love, Dick and Sue

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