New Used Monitor

Okay. I did it. I just broke down and bought another very cool toy. This is a Monitor Windvane self steering system. It uses no electricity and can steer the boat to a course even in rough weather when the auto pilot would likely fail. Take a look:

Wrapping up

As we wrap up work, it seems that there is a never ending stream of new little tasks. I have just a touch more left, but am not officially done working. I guess there will be a bit more to do before I can cast off. Ash has been working daily on the boat and getting things ready while also planning appointments with the doctor, dentist, and optometrist. I try to help when I get off of work, but there is much to be done. We are also trying as hard as we can to be able to see our families before the big truck shows up. Things are moving a good clip now and it seems that any second I will wake on rocking against the dock with the hatches open. Here is to hoping! Dinners are being crammed in, happy hours shuffled, and visits from friends squeezed in wherever we can. In the end I hope we get visitors wherever we are, though I realize it is easier to dream about than do. My thoughts for everyone who says that? IF you think a week in Mexico is tough, try leaving for up to two or three years! In any case, the trip is still on track and we will soon be on our way. I hope this finds you all well,