Truck confirmation!!

Finally we got an email from the trucking company. He is going to send over a contract. I really can’t wait until the boat is safely docked in La Paz. In the interim, I’ll accept San Diego. Things are starting to move very quickly all of the sudden, our jobs list is still there (though Ash has been doing her best to shorten it). It is hard to believe that there are only two weeks of work left!!!! Sailing away is quickly becoming a matter of weeks not months, and I have a feeling the pressure is going to build up until we actually cast off in Dan Diego. At least there is progress on the truck,


More batteries or more solar panels?

I am on the fence about whether to buy an extra 225ah of battery capacity or two 200w solar panels. They cost about the same. The solar panels will not age like the batteries. Is 450ah enough for what we are doing? If we run the big electrical loads during the day, I think it is. That would amount to about 460w of solar. We have the fridge pulling about 6a and the watermaker pulls about the same when we run it (maybe even a bit more). Then radar when we run it is a big draw, and the rest is just simple lights, the depth and gps, and battery chargers for cameras etc. We have a 100a alternator that probably actually puts in around 60a, the existing 60w of solar and the 400w wind gen, that really only is doing a fraction of that. I am leaning towards solar…